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Curved Stair Lifts make even the curviest stairs easy to negotiate.

Curved stair lifts have to be custom-engineered and built to match your exact staircase so that your lift and track follows the curves, angles and slopes of your exact stairs. We can accomodate any angles - from 90 degree curves, 180 degree curves and even circling around multiple flights of stairs. If the track does not follow the walls of your home closely enough, the lift will take up too much of your staircase - and may not even meet the code if it doesn't leave 20 inches clear walking space from the folded dimension. No two curved stairlifts or staircases are alike. Due to their complexity, it takes longer to manufacture a curved unit and they are quite a bit more expenisve than a straight stair lift. There may be a way to use two straight run lifts instead of one curved unit to save you money, as long as it is safe for the user. You can ride on one straight lift to the landing and then stand up and step to the other straight lift to go up the next flight of stairs. We can often find two straight run used lifts to work on a split staircase to really keep your price down.

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